Quality Assisted Living at Oscoda Fields

Assisted living, dignified and respected.  That’s our goal here at Oscoda Fields.  To provide quality care, and a safe, healthy environment for seniors.  We provide a full array of services to all of our residents, and offer a unique combination of room choices to fit their specific needs.  Couples are welcome, along with amputees, and those with mild forms of dementia.  We provide three home cooked meals each day, and do not charge extra for more advanced levels of care. 

Staff is on-site 24/7 to ensure all residents are properly cared for.  We offer medication management, bathing assistance, help with personal hygiene, as well as personal grooming services.

When does someone need Assisted Living?

There are several ways to identify when your loved one requires assisted living services. Although the following indicators do not apply to every person, they are good notes to remember as you or your loved ones age.

1)  Fear of being alone.

Whether it is you, your loved one, or a family member having this fear, it might be time to investigate assisted living.  With fear comes doubt, and with doubt comes lack of confidence.  If an individual loses confidence in themselves or in their ability to do perform daily activities, injury causing falls often occur.

2)  Increased medical issues.

Even a small infection, like a urinary tract infection, can lead to bigger problems.  UTI’s are very common in older adults, with most going unnoticed until symptoms become moderate to severe.  Infections like this often lead to bigger issues, some even result in sepsis.  Living in an assisted living means you or your loved one will be monitored by trained professionals 24/7.

3)  Difficulty with hygiene and daily tasks.

Although a senior may still be able perform daily tasks on their own, poor health or depression may discourage them from doing so.  It’s important to ensure seniors, especially those with dementia, are getting enough of the right food to eat, are keeping up with their personal hygiene requirements, and stay on schedule with their medication.  If you have concerns about any of these things, it may be time for Assisted Living.